Friday, March 31, 2006

Outrage of the week

I swear Canada is getting more like the US every day. Here's a horrifying story of a SWAT team bust gone bad.
An east Vancouver woman who speaks litle English got a shock this week when police kicked down her door, pointed a gun at her and told her to sit on the floor while officers raided her home, looking for a marijuana-growing operation. [...]

Police also handcuffed a Mandarin-speaking Chinese student living in the basement of the home in the 7700-block of Monroe Crescent.
They found nothing. Nada. Zilch. The police are unapologetic.
Vancouver police Const. Howard Chow confirmed that no marijuana was found, but said police do not believe they got the wrong house.

Two men fled out a back door as police arrived, he said. The men were detained but not charged. [emphasis added] He said police found a strong smell of marijuana in the basement and what appeared to be growing equipment in a shed on the property.

He said police had found a growing operation at the same address in 2004, when 950 plants were seized. (Property records show the Chens bought the house in March 2005.)
Tell me this wasn't a case of profiling. The police claim they had 3 sources to obtain the warrant. It's glaringly evident to me they targeted these people because they were Chinese and they bought a former grow house. Sounds just like home doesn't it? Almost like the DEA has been coaching Canadian law enforcement?


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