Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just strange

What a weird day. The neighborhood crows had a huge row this morning. I'm figuring they have to have been two competing flocks because they were chasing each other around and making a huge racket. Shortly thereafter I came within a hair's breadth of adopting a stray cat. This little grey guy showed up in the neighbor's yard with a calico companion. She ignored me but he came trotting right over when I called him. They kind of looked like they had been dropped off, as people will do in the country. He looked a little thin but not scraggly and he looked like he really wanted a home. He seemed starved for attention. I had to really restrain myself from opening up a can of tuna for him.

The last thing I need is a pet. I can barely take care of myself and I don't want to deal with fleas and vet bills. But I couldn't watch them starve either. If they show up again two more times I might feed them outside but I'm not bringing them in.

Shortly after that, I just happened to look out the window to see what I guess out west they call a dirt devil. It was a perfect little whirlwind. It crossed the corner of my yard and diagnolly across the neighbor's place. His leaves are worse than mine and the wind picked them up in a perfect low funnel about six feet across. It was like it got stuck in the pile of leaves for a good half a minute. I wanted to get the camera and get a video of it but I was mesmerized by the sight and didn't want to miss a second of it.

Meanwhile, my eyeball was red and swelled up when I got of bed this morning. I didn't want to get up because it wasn't better. I took a trek out in search of eye drops. It took three hours. I went to every possible place that wasn't Walmart first. It's ridiculous that you can't get anything here outside of bare basics.

My pharmacy just built a new store. It's huge but there's still nothing in it. They have a internet cafe attached to the store but they don't even sell contact lens fluids on the floor. I think you had to ask for the eyedrops from the pharmacy, which is gigantic now. It features a driveup window and seems to employ about a dozen people but there was someone ahead of me at the "ask the pharmacist" counter who was being ignored. Not only that, it was a mother with a beautiful little girl and several different packages of lice removing shampoo. No way was I was going to step into that little fabric cubicle. So off to Wallyworld I went.

Of course by then I had driven more than my alloted 15 miles, (it may down to ten now), and my car started stalling while moving. The old Ford doesn't like going to the big box either. The good news was they had a great selection of eye drops and I found what I wanted. I have to admit I also bought a step stool and a camera case. I haven't been able to find those in town either. And I got out of the store reasonably quickly because the self serve supervisor called me out the of the line and cashed me out. She told me she figured she was going to have to assist me anyway. I guess I looked confused or least sufficiently doubtful.

The good news is the eye drops are working so far. The itching has stopped. The bad news is my eyes still feel grainy. I think I have to go back tomorrow and get some artificial tears to lubricate the old eyeballs in between the dose of the other stuff. I meant to do that this afternoon but forgot in my rush to get in and out of the store. I hate when I do that.


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