Sunday, March 26, 2006

Half the news that's fit to print

Well this is just weird. A Canadian pathologist making $224,348 a year was arrested for running a grow-op in his house. That's not the weird part. It makes sense he would want to grow his own rather than risk being exposed as a cannibis consumer via dealing on the black market. The weird part is how he got caught.
Police went to his home late Tuesday morning to investigate a reported abduction. Two men are accused of dragging a woman into the home. She was handcuffed, confined and threatened with a pipe and a baseball bat, police said.

Ryan Scott Leindecker, 19, of 217 Hugill St., was charged with dangerous weapons, wearing a disguise while committing an offence, forcible confinement and also threatening with a weapon.

Chris David Roussel, 24, of 217 Hugill St., faces the same charges plus an additional charge of threatening with a weapon.
Who are these people, what are they doing in this doctor's house and why on earth would they be kidnapping someone while in disguise? The article doesn't say, although it goes on at length about the hospital's discomfort over the situation. That part I could have figured out for myself.

Jeesh. Don't they teach they teach the 4 Ws in journalism school anymore?


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