Friday, March 24, 2006

Jane Doe's addiction - fact or fiction?

If this irritiating morality tale doesn't inspire you to fire off an LTE, nothing will. The author couldn't be more aptly named. D.L. McCracken, mccrackens me up with this profile piece of a conveniently anonymous, alleged victim of marijuana. I don't think she could cram one more cliche into this piece. Even giving her the benefit of the doubt that is a real story and not a fairy tale, it proves nothing. Jane Doe surely has some deficit in her personality but her marijuana abuse is clearly a symptom of her disorder, not a cause.

And there's reason to doubt McCracken's veracity. She appears to be a mindless media hound who would take a position for attention rather than on principle and has been known to delete comments on her blog that disprove her arguments. The back story would lend creedence to her critics.

[hat tip Tim Meehan]


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