Friday, March 17, 2006

Sensible students debunking drug war nonsense

Students for Sensible Drug Policy are working overtime to bring exciting new developments to the forefront of drug policy reform. Kris Krane, formerly with NORML, and who recently came on board as SSDP’s new executive director will be debating the issue of marijuana legalization with former Drug Enforcement Administration official Bob Stutman this Monday at the University of Central Florida. It's rare to find a prohibitionist willing to defend the practice in a debate. This should be a hot ticket event. Wish I could get away to attend it.

SSDP students have also been busy campaigning to make marijuana penalties similar to alcohol penalties by running “SAFER” initiatives on campus, with the latest campaign being waged at The University of Maryland. One looks forward to seeing UofM join the other progressive institutions that have already passed initiatives, making sure students are not punished more severely for marijuana offenses than they are for alcohol violations.

A high school chapter of SSDP meanwhile, raised awareness about random drug testing in high schools with a demonstration in Chicago. Wearing sandwich boards with signs saying “Got Pee? Oppose Suspicionless Student Drug Testing!” students walked up and down the streets in the blistering cold to spread the message to Chicago’s citizens and tourists that drug testing hurts schools and students and destroys trust between students and their teachers.

And speaking of this outrageous practice of warantless peeking at teen's pee, our guy Tom Angell has been representing the voice of sanity at the drug czar's national drug testing summits. John Walters has been trotting his dog and pony show all over the country (on the taxpayer's dime) to shill for his corrupt cronies in the drug testing kit industry. Tom has been holding their feet to the fire, boldly confronting their lies with on the scene proof that makes the prohibs look like the self-serving idiots they are.

Tom apparently was liveposting to the Dare Generation blog, during the last event. Check it out and keep scrolling for news and photos about the last regional SSDP conference. These young folks are some of the hardest working and effective reformers in the community. If you have any cash to spare, please send some their way.


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