Saturday, March 18, 2006

Emery finding the silver lining

Here's an MSM item for you. MSNBC has a new profile piece on Marc Emery. I'll spare you the recap of the arrest and just give you the money quotes from Marc.
Emery says he did it all for the movement, not for profit.He claims to have funneled more than $3 million to marches, candidates, lawsuits and ballot drives over a decade. He says he paid taxes and kept very little. He lives modestly in his fiancee's apartment. He doesn't own a car or a house, investments or fancy jewelry, he says. [...]
"I'm interested in whatever would legalize pot fastest," he says. "Part of me believes that going to jail will accelerate that process. And part of me believes that if I die in jail it will accelerate it even faster." [...]

"I'm very interested to see what happens to me, because I think I am a person of destiny," he says, with no trace of modesty. "I haven't been fearful since the moment I was arrested. I just felt my time has finally come. [...]

"I've already got this grand-scale epic going in my head. I am out to destroy the DEA and defeat them. And they are out to destroy me."
They're trying to destroy us too for trying to bring common sense policy that would put them out of business to the table. Leaving the inexcusable waste of tax dollars aside, when the long arm of US drug law insanity can reach over borders to create a crime in order to silence political opponents, it's everyone's problem.

Ironically, this could backfire on the DEA. They want to silence his message so they give the man a microphone? What are they thinking? Marc is a made for MSM defendant. Despite the horribly unflattering photo MSNBC managed to dig up, the camera loves him. He could galvanize the US reform movement with this case because he's so honest about his intentions and he's charismatic. He's never off message and even in that compromising shot, he looks respectable.

He'll get more exposure with this case than he ever could have afforded to buy and it will be hard for our government to paint him as a raging lunatic drug lord. I think Marc is right. His personal misfortune is the reform movement's gain.

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