Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sleepy head

I've been sleeping like a narcoleptic this week. I think I'm just recovering from last week's bout of insomnia. In any event, I fell asleep sitting up in front of the computer last night, shortly after posting this at DetNews.
Surprisingly, my usual critics in the peanut gallery haven't jumped all over it yet. Of course I posted it late and it's early yet. Or maybe I'm finally getting through to them about the need for legalization.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the sweet sixteen tonight to see if I'm going to place in the basketball pool this year. No money in this pool, it's bragging rights only but boy would I like to have bragging rights in this one. I have never placed above dead last. I'll avoid that this year because someone forgot to make their picks. I'm not sure, but I think maybe that one is a ringer that they added so I can at least come in second to last.

Despite no one having answered my pleas for help in making the picks, I started out strong in the early rounds. For a moment there I was enjoying the rarefied air at the number three spot but that soon changed. I'm currently stalled at 16 out of 21 players but having studied the other player's picks, despite my low standing I'm still in the running to come in at third if Duke keeps winning.


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