Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sentence first, trial later (custody pending)

Funny how life works out. I was going to post this one thing last night and Blogger was completely down so I could take the night off without feeling guilty. Let's see it it will publish this morning.

Well this the laugh of the day. Blaring headline: 50 Colombia rebels indicted on drug trafficking - U.S. alleges FARC members sold $25 billion of cocaine to finance terrorism. Wow doesn't that sound big? Fifty FARC narco-terrorist kingpins indicted.
“The FARC’s fingerprint is on most of the cocaine sold in America’s neighborhoods,” DEA chief Karen Tandy said at a news conference to discuss the charges. [...]

U.S. officials said the indictment strikes a major blow against the group because it lays out the FARC’s hierarchy and details of its operations. “Members of the FARC do not want to face American justice,” Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said.

Another mission accomplished, eh Al? But here's the punchline.
He acknowledged that 47 of those charged remain at large, probably in well-defended FARC jungle strongholds that have so far proved beyond the reach of Colombian authorities.

Fifty indicted, three in custody, forty-seven at large, meaning the three they have in custody were the chosen sacrificial lambs to placate US prohibs while keeping the pipeline flowing with US anti-narcoterrorism dollars. What a good joke -- on the US taxpayer.


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