Thursday, April 06, 2006

Quick bytes

What a week. I had to work really late last night. Came home and fell into bed and still had to get up in the dark. This time change is going to kill me. The only plus side is that the clock in my car is the correct time again. Anyway, all I have time for this morning is quick links.

Here's an interesting analysis on the economics of the black market in drugs.

USA Today reports on the latest government study showing teen drug use is down. The trouble with these surveys of course is that they rely on self-reporting. I always tend to think the declines are just as likely to be the result of teenagers being more afraid to admit they use drugs because the of the increased penalities for doing so. They have every incentive to lie, and none that I can see to tell the truth.

This is interesting look at the failure of alcohol prohibition in Iran. Not only have they failed to stem the use of alcohol despite penalities that are beyond draconian, including public lashings, but the Iranians are also turning to other means of intoxication like opium because they were cheaper and easier to obtain. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Say hello to Bayou City Gazette, a new blog from Texas just launched in conjunction with their companion site focusing on medical marijuana, Bayou City Compassion.


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