Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bloggers with blinders

I'm way late in getting to this but being a fan of theater of the absurd, it's worth archiving, so here's my take on this silly screed by Jay at Stop the ACLU. I'm slightly familiar with this blog. Jay is what Acidman would call a linker. He's in it for the hits. A shameless link whore and relentless self-promoter, his pings show up all over Blogtopia. Gotta give him credit though. He's made quite a name for himself among the save Teri Schiavo crowd.

Seems somehow fitting that Flex Your Rights' essential video Busted would get its first bad review from a schmuck who proudly proclaims he hates the ACLU and everything it stands for. Never met a civil liberty he didn't loathe. If he hates this DVD, you know it's really good.

The review itself, "cleverly" titled ACLU Teaching Children How To Be Good Criminals is a barrel of laughs. Jay appears to be of the abstinence only school. We should tell our kids to be just be good little boys and girls and they will -- especially in college. If we don't teach our young people how to protect their rights, they won't do anything wrong. That's sort of like saying Sex Ed Teaching Children to be Promiscious. Oh wait. That is what this crowd says.

Really, he's too lame to even fisk. It's empty formulaic ranting and worse it's sloppy. He didn't even bother to find out who made the video before he jumped on it like a little pit bull to tear it apart.

Unfortunately you'll never convince this guy of the absurdity of his position. I used to wonder how people like him could live in such fully integrated cognitive dissonance. I was thinking they were just genetically unable to admit they were wrong -- about anything. I discovered I was close. It seems it's a cortical dysfunction. It's simply not a condition that can be cured with reasoned debate.


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