Sunday, January 29, 2006

We get mail

I know I'm getting to them when they pull the drug card out.
From: Michigan_Patriot
City: macomb, USA
Subject: Weblog NEW POLL RESULTS
Comments: NEW POLL NUMBERS ARE IN! An Gallup Pole survey of Libby Spencer's brain cells were taken and these are the results: 79% could not answer due to inoperability caused by drug use; 9% are still strongly liberal and highly addicted to illegal drugs and Michael Moore films; 8% were too depressed to answer; 3% were distraught that their owner was oblivious to reality; 1% were hiding behind the shed, smoking a doobie.
If I had any doubts, I'm certain now that Michigan Patriot is my old co-blogger Michael Ward. He used to post stuff like this on the main blog before they kicked him out. It's of course a reference to my frequent posting over there in support of the legalization of all drugs. I should threaten to sue him for libel, but this is one of his more clever comebacks. It made me laugh anyway.


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