Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let them chase terrorists

Picking up on my theme in this post, here's a prime example of how prohibition and increased penalities have drawn the criminal element into the marijuana market. I doubt these guys were actually Mexican law enforcement. It's not that difficult to get uniforms or surplus vehicles and what a good cover. The smugglers have become bolder as the stakes go up.

Our government hasn't eliminated the market with their vendetta against cannabis consumers, it merely drove the risk factor of supply up and thus increased the prices. The prices increase, so organized criminal enterprises are drawn in for the profit levels. They're the only ones who have the means and the ruthlessness to deliver the goods.

Every time they bust a non-violent producer like Cecil Hume, they create a market opening for suppliers like these Mexicans. If our government would simply allow consumers to grow their own, these guys would out of business within a year and our law enforcement could concentrate on finding real criminals.


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