Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kubbys kicked out of Canada

Failing an last ditch appeal of the order, which the Immigration authorities claim is no longer within jurisdiction of any court, the Kubbys must leave Canada no later than Thursday. Steve will fly home alone while his wife and children drive. "I don't want our daughters to see what US law enforcement will do to their father," he said.
If he is forced to leave, Steve Kubby will fly directly to San Francisco, where he will be greeted by both US law enforcement and California medical marijuana activists, including representatives of California NORML. Every effort will be made to keep Kubby from being forced to return to Placer County.
The hearings in Canada appear to have been a sham with misleading evidence being presented by the government. It doesn't appear he will fare any better on this side of the border.
In his testimony to a Canadian Refugee hearing in April of 2003, Cattran said that Placer County had arranged for two specialists to fly in and testify at Kubbys trial that Kubby didn't really have cancer, but if he did, cannabis was contraindicated and would just make his condition worse. Of course, neither doctor had ever seen Steve Kubby, and the leading cancer specialist in BC had just testified to the contrary. Because of this attitude, Kubbys friends and family believe that his life will be in great danger there.
I'd have to agree. How many hundreds of thousands of tax dollars you think they will have spent on this one guy for possession of a few plants and a cactus button? He's not the kingpin of a major drug organization. He's not some gang leader who terrorized innocent citizens. He's a terminally ill person who grew a plant that gave him relief from his illness.

You know, the feds keep saying they need to wage this war on some drugs to "protect the children." I fail to see how chasing down a family who are of no danger to any American citizen and jailing their father for treating his own illness with an herbal remedy is "protecting" the Kubby girls, or for that matter -- us.


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