Saturday, January 21, 2006

I love surprises

And what a nice one I had today. I sent out a half dozen Christmas cards this year; days late of course. On a whim I sent one to Dave Johnson, who I met when I was in the Florida Keys one year on vacation. He was the former owner of the place I was staying at and he used to show up at sunset to feed the sea birds. That's the thing I like about travelling alone. I probably wouldn't have connected with him if I hadn't been, but he was very nice and showed me around a little. Took me to the best bars for music and good food cheap. I've yet to have a better piece of fish since the last time I had a dolphin sandwich at The Mandalay. I really liked him.

Anyway, we corresponded for a while and then lost touch. I found his address in the box with the old cards and took it as a sign. Surprisingly he remembered me. Or maybe not so surprisingly. He claims he'll never forget our goodbye kiss. And get your mind out of the gutter folks, that was the one and only physical contact we had besides slow dancing. Not that I wasn't tempted, he's an attractive man, but I've never been one for vacation affairs.

He collects old music, on wax as I recall. He knows a lot about the old artists. For whatever reason, "our" song became Good Night Irene. So to make this short story long, I found a package from him in the mailbox. He sent me a cassette tape of music. Unfortunately my old boom box died before I left Noho and I never replaced it. I don't have any kind of music player right now so I can't listen to it. I'm dying to know what's on it so I guess I'll break down and drag myself to the big box store tomorrow and see if they still sell cheap boomboxes that play cassettes so I can find out.

I'm betting the lead song is Good Night Irene.


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