Friday, January 27, 2006

Take a little trip

I'm working again today and have dragging around feeling kind of yucky. I'm afraid it may be more than just lack of sleep since the family has been fighting off some kind of bug for the last week. It may have caught me but no matter, I have a couple of day to rest once I get home. Besides, I had my ramen noodles for lunch. You may laugh but I'm convinced that whatever chemicals they put into that stuff keep you healthy. I've avoided more than one bug they brought home from the hospital.

In any event, no real posting going on here until later tonight but in the interim I would encourage you to pay a visit to Expat Brian who has a series of posts up right now on music of the 60s and early 70s including a nice post on the days of the Woodstock Nation. Life was a lot less complicated then. We thought we had changed the world. Who knew at the time, we'd have to keep coming back to readjust it?

Anyway, don't miss his post on the posters from the big concerts of those days. They don't make posters like that anymore. I was looking at that stuff thinking, no matter what they say about drugs and drug use, I don't think there ever was or has been since, a more creative generation than we were then.


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