Saturday, January 28, 2006

News of the North

Sorry kids, I was just burned out last night. Crashed out cold at 9:00pm. But the news waits for no one, and via Mycos (and click over to see his photo of the giant puffball), here's a couple of items of interest this morning.

Steve Kubby left Canada as expected. Look at the photo in this article and tell me you feel so threatened by this man and his wife that you think it's worth hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to extradite him just to put him in jail for a single peyote button. The prosecutors should be jailed for negligent spending of public funds.

Meanwhile, I don't know quite what to make of this item. I find it hard to believe that anyone would bother to lace BC bud with meth. Not that no one has ever laced pot with other drugs, but usually it's done because the pot is lousy and they want to kick up the high so they can sell their dreck weed. A pot head would know the difference and wouldn't buy adulterated bud. A meth head wouldn't want to bother with the bud in order to get their meth high. So who is their target market?

Sounds to me like an effort to destroy the BC bud market with scare tactics, although as the article points out -- buyer beware. Know thy dealer. I might also note that if this is true, it rather debunks the prohibitionist's favorite argument that pot is addictive all on its own. If that were true, why would the dealers bother to lace the weed with an addictive substance?

Decide for yourself, but I'd have to say it sounds like your typical ONDCP pap.


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