Saturday, January 28, 2006

And they wonder why I worry about the impending police state...

I didn't know this. From Cadillac Tight, a note about steroids, a drug that to my knowledge doesn't even get you high.
If you do click through and read some of the material on Anabolex, keep this in mind: The folks over there who use these drugs are subject to the same penalties as someone who uses crack cocaine, or heroin. For the most part, they are simply 9-5 workers like the rest of us, who spend more time exercising and studying supplements than most of us do. When they get busted, they are thrown in the pen with violent drug offenders and hopeless junkies - people that the government thinks of as their peers.
I've heard steroid abuse can make people kind of aggressive and cranky but should they be put in jail for using it sensibly if they don't do anything violent? It's not a war on some drugs, it's a war on unapproved lifestyles.


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