Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Still training

There are many things they show you in the training videos that doesn't happen in real life. So far I've trained with about five different cashiers and everyone does it differently and gives me conflicting advice. I've had a fair number of short term jobs in my life and this has got to be the most disorganized training I've ever endured.

But in the end the basics aren't that hard to figure out so it's all good. Some of the quirky transactions are so hopelessly convoluted, it's easy to see why the corporation is in trouble. Even after just a few shifts, I have about dozen suggestions to make the checking out experience more efficient, but I guess I'll just hold onto to them for now. And I have some serious concerns about their work rules and procedures, many of which seem to be a set up to sabotage the employees, but I'm holding onto them for now too. However, it does seem my first paycheck is somewhat short for the amount of time I've already put in. That I'm going to figure out tomorrow and bring up right away.

The personalities of the different people who work there have been an endless source of fascination. You have everything from the mild mannered church-going lady to the one who curses at the register to the young girl who whines about everything. Overall, it's a crummy job but I'm enjoying the human interaction anyway after two years of essentially almost no human contact outside of my family.

I'm less tired at the end of every shift too but I'm still far from in shape yet. Guess that should change next week. I'm officially on the computer schedule now and have 20 hours, including two shifts on two days in a row. Not going to be enough to pay all the bills at my pay rate, but at least it will stretch what money I do have a little further every month. So there's that. Meanwhile, I'm off to work again today but I don't think I'm on the floor. I'm told I still have to endure some computer testing or something.


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