Thursday, July 15, 2010

Universe works in mysterious ways

Don't remember if I mentioned here about when I tried to apply for a job at the new Dairy Queen and the guy sneered at me. Wouldn't even give me an application. Well, I've taken to going to the library every day and reading the local newspaper. I see they just had a armed robbery this week. Employees were herded into the back room, tied up with duct tape and a couple got pistol whipped. Sorry it happened to them, but it makes me feel better about not getting that job. Guess the universe is still looking out for me after all.

And I've cruised by the new bar that didn't hire me. Think I was right about the self-segregating thing. Only black people in there. It looked like they were doing alright the other day. Saw a few people milling around outside. But I walked by last night late enough so I could see inside through the window. Looks like they hired a young girl. Only one person at the bar. Wouldn't have made any money there even they had hired me.


At 6:14 PM , Anonymous marcus said...

Haha, well, Libby. Don't take it so badly. I thought bartending would be a great past time for myself..only wanted 20 hours a week, fill in stuff, and for me to get off the couch. I got certified, took a course, and filled applications.

No one wants a bartender. der der to me! They want a 20 something that can't count to 22 without taking her top off.

And now I can add Dairy queen to the list of those that can kiss my Irish ass.


At 8:05 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey Marcus,

Yeah, bartending is a tough job to get after a certain age. Most places want young girls with big bazooms or young guys with "flair." And even for them, lots of competition for jobs. You have to know usually to get a gig.

Restaurant/ food service industry in general discriminates against any over 35. But you can't prove it.

Good to see you though. I'm hoping to catch up on the blogroll this weekend, so I'll be by to check out your latest fishing partner. ;)


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