Friday, July 09, 2010

So complicated

I can't believe how complicated this big box store job process has become. Had my interview on Tuesday and I think it went well. It looked like she was going to give me the job but apparently you need to show your social security card before they'll even run the background check on you. I've had quite a few jobs in my lifetime and I've never had to show that card to anyone. It was a miracle I still even had it since it's the original card I got when I was about ten years old when my parents opened up a savings account for me. Still has my childhood address on it.

So I brought it in the next day, as instructed, along with a bunch of official papers to prove that I am still this person, but that wasn't good enough. I need a new one and of course, it was too late to get it on the same day. So I trotted over the next day and no problem getting a new card, except that it won't be mailed for a couple of weeks. Then I had to wait another day to go back to the big box store because the hiring person was off.

So I trot over to the big box store again this morning, as instructed, well before 11:00 when she was supposed to leave. But instead she's in a meeting that's going to go on for hours. Turns out today wasn't such a good day for her after all and I have to go back yet another time tomorrow. The good news is apparently the receipt the social security guy gave me will be acceptable in lieu of the actual card. So there's that.

But really, what a production. I mean we're talking a minimum wage cashier's job with no guaranteed schedule or hours. Could end being as little as four hours a week. I expect it will take another trips to get all the paperwork done at this rate. Under other circumstances, I would have been tempted to take the whole thing as a sign that I'm just not supposed to take this job. But I guess it's good practice should I get an interview for a better one and Lord knows, it's been a long time since I've had to do this, so I guess it's all good.

Meanwhile, it looks like I didn't get the bartending job at the new sports bar. They have a grand opening sign in the window and the shades were up. It may be that I was wrong color for that one anyway. There appeared to be two people in there and they weren't white. And the place is owned by black guys, so maybe it's one of these self-segregating deals, like the two hairdressing joints down the street.

On the brighter side, the county is hiring and there were a couple of jobs I'm qualified for. One closed today so I just got back from hand delivering the application. They don't take resumes. And there's a second one that doesn't close until Wednesday. Thinking I don't have real shot at either of those. I suspect in a town of this size, the government jobs go to friends and relatives of people who already work there, but hey it's a worth a shot. The app isn't that complicated.


At 8:25 PM , Blogger ex DLB said...

Good luck to you, Libby. Can't believe you have to jump through so many hoops at K-Mart. I work for a supermkt chain which isn't so much different and didn't have to do anything like that.

At 9:07 AM , Blogger rockync said...

Such a pain in the ass! But just keep going forward and something good will turn up.
Hey, if all else fails you DO have a bed here! :)

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey DLB, I've never seen anything like this process before. It's getting comical.

Rocky, you're my rock in this storm of uncertainty. {mwah}


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