Friday, December 18, 2009

It's really snowing - hard

Crazy day. Stayed up way too late last night finishing up a trash detective novel. Rather pointless since I guessed all the outcomes half way through the book. So then I slept in way too late even though I only slept about four hours. Very easy with the curtains up on a cloudy day.

Then it started snowing and I needed to go to the store. It wasn't too bad when I went out. Wasn't sticking to the roads yet. By the time I got out of the store 30 minutes later, it was really snowing - as in sticking to the ground in the parking lot. And the roads were already over an inch deep. Drove home pretty slow and was glad I went to the closest store. They're saying 3-5 inches. Figuring we'll be on the low end in the little city here, but still it will be the most snow I've seen since I moved down here. They won't get more than an inch or so over at the other side of the state where I used to live.

Have to admit, it's very pretty. Especially from inside the warm house when you know it won't stay on the ground all that long. Wind is kicking up so it's not that much fun to sit on the porch to watch it. Just tried that and even though the porch is deep, there's a bit of ice crystals in the air so it's a little stingy.

But the coolest thing happened. This little bird came flying right up on the porch next to me. Looked right at me and then shook its little wings, as if to say, WTF is going on? Sat there for quite a while before it flew off again. I love that the birds are so tame in this hood.


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