Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Day at the Airport

Drove down to Charlotte with my sister yesterday to pick up our mother who will be spending the holidays here. It was quite an adventure. We found a new highway. That as fun. I almost got shot at the terminal. That was a little embarrassing.

Most of you know how much I love airports. I've never been in this one and I swear I didn't see the sign saying no entrance to the shops upstairs. It looked like maybe you could browse while you're waiting as you can in Hartford where they have some retail outside of the gates area. So I wasn't going to go far. Just wanted to walk to the verge and see what the shops were. I get halfway down and people start shouting. There's a young girl in a uniform holding up her white gloved hand, looking a little terrified, screaming "Ma'am - hold it right there." So I'm looking around at what's causing the excitement and realize it's me. I'm standing next to a huge sign that says Do Not Enter. Hell they should have a rope thingy if they don't want people to approach.

Really, I wasn't that embarrassed myself, but I have a feeling my sister wished she could pretend she didn't know me. She was kind of walking ahead of me rather rapidly... I behaved myself after that, but it was pretty boring waiting by the baggage claim. Airports just aren't as much fun as they used to be.

And who knows what was going on with the planets yesterday, but we just barely escaped the highway traffic jam caused by some accident just ahead of our exit. Then driving through town, there was another ambulance and cops on the main drag into town. And then about an hour later there were sirens going for about 20 minutes. I couldn't see from the house where they were going, but with that many, it was something big.

Almost didn't want to go out and get the few groceries I needed, but I braved the cold rain that started pouring just as I was leaving and made it home without incident. Glad I did. Seem to coming down a head cold today. Happy to be hunkered down in my cozy little room here with nothing pressing to do.


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