Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Out with the old

One more trip to the old place to bring the trash can behind the house from the street since I'm sure I can't count on my old neighbor to do it and I'm finally officially done. Gave the keys back yesterday. Got my security deposit back. Didn't get a bonus for leaving the place about 100 times cleaner than I found it. They don't even have to hold the money in escrow and give you the couple of bucks interest in this state apparently.

But no matter. The utilities are all switched over. I got to keep my old phone number. They charged me almost $50 for the transfer of the account but it's worth it to keep the really great landline that's easy to remember.

Of course, now I have to start putting things away here. I haven't gotten very far with that yet. So far, all I've done is scrub the tub and hang a new shower curtain. I just couldn't get up much energy to tackle it today, but it's odd how comfortable I feel here already even though it's a mess. Everything is mostly stacked up in the living room, but I have this sixth sense like I've lived here forever already. From the first night, I could walk around in the dark and not bump into things and find the light switches instantly. The only tricky ones are for the hall lights. Because they can be switched from the apartment or from the hall, the on/off part isn't always true. Still getting used to that.

Still, while this is probably the ugliest apartment I've ever lived in, I'm loving the space. It feels just as big as the 2 bedroom place I just left. Probably has slightly less square footage but it's really well laid out so it has more useable space. And another bonus is my rabbit ears work really well here. I get a lot more stations, including two that play Grade B movies and another that runs old Stargate episodes every night. Thinking I still won't bother to get cable here. Since they changed the format on the Weather station, there's not that much I miss about having it and then I'm not tempted to get irritated by watching the cable news programs. Reading that stuff on the internet is irritating enough.

Anyway, so far, so good. I'll be back to more regular posting again soon.


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