Monday, December 07, 2009

Walkabout It

I just checked and my walkability score for this place is 80 out of 100. Which is in the top 98 percentile that's achievable in this town. I can attest to that from my Sunday run of errands. I went out for an hour and walked to the library, took out a trash fiction book for night time reading. I actually have the room set up so I think I can read by lamplight.

Then I swung past the laundramat to pick up some quarters so I could buy a newspaper. The machine by the pharmacy was screwed up, but I found another box just a block away and was in the perfect position to cut through the alley and go to the bank machine. Got held up there by the person in front of me, who decided to hold a long conversation on the phone instead of completing her transaction, but still it was all within four blocks of the house.

This whole setup is feeling more like Noho to me every day. I don't hate that.


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