Thursday, December 03, 2009

Downtown Girl

Haven't had much time to explore the downtown yet. I've been trying to get the place in order here and I'm off to rolicking start this morning. I was trying to put away some dishes while I was waiting for the coffee to drip through and managed to dump the coffee on the floor. I should know better than to try to do anything that requires physical co-ordination until after I've had my coffee. Heck, it's even dicey to try to make coffee until I've had some. Not a morning person, as those of you who know me will recall.

Anyway, I have another busy day and I only have one photo left that I took the other day. There's such a funny mix of business in this town. There's probably a dozen or so semi-fancy restaurants, but then across the street from the $22 a plate dinner, you find a club like this:

You can't see through that window so I couldn't tell if it was open and I'm not even sure what the sign says, but I want to brush up on my Spanish and see if I can get a look inside someday. I always take a members only sign as a challenge.


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