Saturday, December 05, 2009

Settling In

Had my first visitor already. Heard from an old friend who was driving through town and wanted to stop by. The place was a wreck, but this is friend who would understand and I was glad to see him. So I madly shoved the loose stuff into closets for a couple of hours and got the place presentable enough. It was a nice visit.

First trip into downtown for breakfast at the funky diner was a failure though. We walked the few blocks but found the place closed even though the sign clearly said it should be open. Some guy in a truck pulled over to let us know the owner's mom had died yesterday and he expected that's why the place wasn't open. So we trudged back home in the cold rain and I made some coffee and sent him off hungry.

An hour later I noticed that all these cars were turning around in my driveway. Thought at first it was an accident on the corner. As it turned out, it was the intrepid entrants of the Girl's Club "We Can Do It" 5K walk/run.

The guy directing traffic tells me they trained for it for months and it was going forward no matter what. Rain has calmed into a drizzle by then, but it was still cold. As they say down here, "Well, God Bless Them."


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