Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Chanukah

It's a funny thing. I've always had lots of Jewish friends so chances were pretty good at this time of year that I would score some latkes, my favorite food of the season. Haven't met a single Jew since I lived here, at least not that I'm aware of, so it's been a while.

Oddly, I'm told the church across the street is home to the oldest synagogue in the south. Weird happenings there this week. On the morning of the first day, there were maybe 15-20 cars in the parking lot, but I didn't hear any singing or anything. Then that night, the church was all lit up. There was music. But only three cars in the parking lot. I thought about crashing the service, but I was so sick, I didn't want to wander in while I was sneezing and hacking.

Wish I had at least grabbed a photo of the window lit up at night though. There's been cars there every day since, but they don't seem to use the church building, just the hall next door. I guess it may well be the oldest congregation, but apparently it's still one of the smallest.

Anyway, happy holiday to my Jewish friends. Hope you get lots of fine presents and have a latke for me.


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