Saturday, September 05, 2009

With a little help from my friends

I'll be sending private thank you notes but just wanted to let you know your kindness and generousity made me weep this morning. And all the good thoughts helped.

Happy to report I talked them out of admitting me and got them to treat me in the ER. Spent 7 hours there with IV saline drip and more tests and I'm feeling much better. I have orders to drink less water and eat more salt. Ironically I was doing the opposite for my health.

The worst part is I'm supposed to drink gatorade. I don't like gatorade. There's only one flavor I can stand, but fortunately the store had it and it was on sale.

Meanwhile the shoulder is still untreated. Couldn't get the ER people interested in it either but the consensus seems to be it's probably bursitis which can't really be fixed with anything but time and meds. Finally broke down and did a google search on it last night -- always a risk for a hypochondriac like me -- but it was okay. It rarely requires surgery and I've been doing pretty much what needs to be done. Apparently it just takes a long time to heal.


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