Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Groggy blogging

Well, the doctor's appointment went well. I like the doctor. My blood pressure was the best it's been a while, 130 over 80. I thought it would be worse because I had only been taking half my pills to make them last longer because they were running out. Of course, my shoulder wasn't as bad as it's been while I was there because I worked it out that way so I could drive. Went right after a hot shower and the mid-afternoons are when it feels the best. I had a quite a bit of mobility so I'm not sure I conveyed how much it hurts. And of course, by early evening, I was dying again.

He gave me some pills for it. Not so sure they are helping with the pain so much as they make me not care that I hurt. But they do make me really sleepy so I've been pretty much sleeping through the night. It's a bit of a tradeoff because they knock me out so much that I'm stiff in the morning from not rolling over. But that passes and the sleep is good. So there's that.


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