Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot stuff

Gah!!! It finally got hot enough that even I wanted to turn on the AC and it doesn't appear to work. The unit runs outside but I'm not getting any cool air in the house. I even went down to the bottom of the basement stairs to peek in and see if there was any obvious place I could look for some kind of switch. No way am I going into there. Spider web with huge spider across the door. Called the landlady instead. She's going to get someone on it. Duh. I knew I should have checked it before it got hot enough to get heatstroke. Didn't even cool off last night very much.

In brighter news, don't know what happened but my neighbor got a pooper scooper and I actually saw him out there picking up the dog shit yesterday. It was getting pretty bad. I had no idea how bad the whole yard was until the lawn guy came. I was walking to my car and there was a pile every three feet in every direction. Maybe he complained. Just glad the neighbor is finally picking it up.

Also had a great chat with the lawn guy. Cecil. He is so cute and he's almost my age. Very sunny disposition. But I think he's married. Doesn't wear a wedding ring but he said something about "we" barbecued the other night. Assume that means he's either married or living with someone. Too bad. I might have flirted with him otherwise.


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