Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feel like I'm fixing to die

Part of the reason I'm not posting is I screwed up my shoulder when I was scrubbing the lawn chairs a couple of weeks ago. It was getting better for a while but in the last week, it took a turn for the worse. I'm in nearly constant pain but I don't have health insurance anymore, so I'm trying to tough it out. Makes it hard to type though.

The other reason I didn't show up yesterday is I lost my power for most of the day. I can't believe this happened to me, but my electricity was shut off because my first little bill for $40 was overdue. The new bill came and it said I had until 9/18 to pay. Ironically I was just getting ready to go to city hall and pay it, I thought responsibly early, when the power went out. At first I thought it was just the normal outage but then I called and they told me I was indeed cut off. I didn't think it was even legal to do that in less than 60 days.

On the bright side they were very nice about it. They didn't charge me a reconnect fee and they did turn me back on the same day. And I decided to tackle customer service at AT&T about a bad charge on that bill and got a great rep there too. She cleared out the charge and put the credit through while I waited on the phone so I don't have to pay this month.

In contrast, when I paid off my Embarq bill, apparently I misread the amount when I wrote the check. I just got from them for three cents. You might think they would have written that off. Cost more to send the bill than they'll recoup. But you know I have to send them a check or they'll keep sending the stupid bill. Proably charge me a penalty too.


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