Saturday, August 29, 2009

Epic fail

Sorry I'm not posting. My shoulder is just killing me. It seems like it's going to get better but then it gets worse. I'm in screaming pain again today. I finally broke down and made a doctor's appt for Monday. Of course, I didn't tell them about the shoulder. I need to do a get acquainted visit and get my scripts renewed. But if it doesn't go away, the screaming will be hard to hide.

I was hoping the old, "as soon as you have a doctor's appointment, the problem goes away" trick would work, but no such luck. If you're the praying sort, please pray that it's nothing serious and that a few days of muscle relaxers will fix it. I can't afford any specialized treatment.

Meanwhile, I also killed my treasured house plant when I was trying to repot it the other day. It was Jon Souweine's Ti plant from college. It almost died three times and I nursed it back to health. It was growing great and I carefully cleaned it all up but I managed to drop it when I took it out of the pot and broke the top off. I put it back into the same little pot it was in, but it's just a stick right now. Hoping it might throw a new branch but not holding my breath.

And my marigolds are a big fail too. They never really filled out and it seems to be infested with some kind of bug that is killing it. So you can see why I haven't been posting. Besides feeling like shit, all I have is depressing news.

The only bright spot is I found a couple of five year old percosets. Hoping they're still good. I'm going to take one and see if it helps the pain. But anyway, I am still alive, so I'll be back soon. Hopefully I'll be cheerier.


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