Saturday, June 14, 2008

I haven't posted since June 5?

Yikes. I've been worse than ever about posting haven't I? I'm okay, I've been a bit tired and I've been using what energy I have to blog politics. I have a pretty good drug war post up at Newshoggers today. I also found out this week that Newshoggers is one of the 400 most influential blogs in the country, at least on one ranking system. Go figure.

I'm healing well but ironically I've been feeling worse because healing means the numbness is receding in my face and I can feel the pain. Maybe I'll get around to blogging the whole ordeal tomorrow but tonight I'll just pass on the little news.

There's a huge wildfire about an hour and a half's drive from here that's been burning since the first of the month. A couple of days ago, you could smell the smoke in the morning and by the afternoon, you could see it. It hung around for 24 hours in the dead air. They had a health alert about it and everything. I was blessing the central air that day. I never left the house. It's cleared out since then though and it's not quite so hot either. Those 100 degree days last week were too hot even for me.

Meanwhile, some neighbors moved out and new people are moving in. The Asian nanny is still wearing pajamas everyday. She seems to have an endless supply of the exact same outfit in assorted colors. This week, she's been out on the sidewalk pacing around and talking on the phone every night around ten. I can't understand a word she's saying of course. I don't think she speaks much English.

We seem to have a family of cats living outside as well. There's two big ones that sort of skulk around in the bushes in the late afternoon and the other night I saw five rather largish kittens skittering around under the cars. I can't figure out if they're abandoned or if they belong to the new neighbors downstairs. I thought I saw a food bowl on their deck and the big cats seem to visit there but I haven't seen the kittens since that first night.

That's the young couple with the new baby. I can't figure them out generally. They seem to have a wide assortment of people that sort of crash there sometimes. It's all very strange.

On a brighter note, there's a new guy that moved in somewhere in the McCompound and has been jogging by every afternoon. He's really hot. Much too young for me of course, but still he's fun to watch.


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