Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now I've seen everything

Computer issues have kept me from downloading photos but I think that's solved at the moment so I should be posting a couple of pix in a bit. Meanwhile, this has to be the funniest freecyle item I've seen ever.

Offer - Bag of dryer lint

I have a small Whole Foods paper bag full dryer lint. I
know it is used for various things, 1 of which is
starting fires (the Boy scouts do this). There are a
few other things as well but since I can't remember
them, I can't use it.
If you have a need or use for it, it is yours!

Preference goes to who can PU the quickest. Please
email with a date and time of pick-up.
*No date or time in response will be PASSED OVER.*

The really funny part is someone will probably take it.


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