Friday, November 03, 2006

Darkness, darkness...

I do so hate the time change. I loathe losing the light at the end of the day. It depresses me and it takes me forever to adjust. It will be another week until I don't feel like going to bed at 7:00. And it seems the dark days bring dark deeds to go with the blackness that overtakes my spirit when the sun dies.

I think one of my deer was killed by a car this week. I have no way of knowing for sure. It's not like I could pick out my three regulars out of a lineup, but the one on the side of the road was the right size and since I saw it, only one of my three has showed up in the dusk to graze for acorns. It looks so lonely by itself.

I blame it on the time change. The deer would have learned the traffic patterns but they were only yearlings and now the time is an hour off, so the one was hit by a car. I'm thinking that broke up the little harem and the other two went their own ways. It makes me sad and angry. Nonetheless, life goes on and I've ended my yearly private protest and finally changed my clocks this afternoon.


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