Thursday, November 02, 2006

Art for Acid Lovers

Rob Smith's daughter Sam has a new blog. It's a showcase for her work, like the Art on a Card in the graphic. You can get one of those for only five bucks and they appear to be one of kind artworks. She's posting as well and has a incredible story about a dream she recently had about her father. Check it out.

And speaking of the Acidman, Gut Rumbles lives in the memory and heart of Stevie who is lovingly combing the really old archives and posting some great classics over there that are new to me and mucho pictures from when he was wild and healthy.

It's not the same of course, because you know he's not coming back to banter, but if you came in late like I did -- these old posts I missed, explain a lot about the man I came to know at the end.


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