Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bowled over in Fall River

When I was working for the law firm, Paul Viveros was one my all time favorite clients. He's been fighting City Hall in Fall River, MA for as long as I've known him and unfortunately the city has prevailed against him every time. Well, they may have won in court, but Paul gets the last laugh.

In an artistic coup de grace, he's erected the most perfect work of art on his property at the entrance of the Fall River Industrial Park that totally sums up the city's politics and would make any redneck proud. He got a lot of press but the only photo I could find is this one which doesn't really do it justice. Absolutely brilliant.

I just got off the phone with him. He tells me it has become quite the tourist attraction with no less than ten people a day stopping to get photos of the installation. One group of fourteen actually dropped their drawers, sat down and had photos of themselves taken while reading a newspaper. Fortunately no one so far, has mistaken them for functioning units. You gotta love it.


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