Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Walters vs. the vice voters

Thanks to MAP, we get a look behind the NYT's paywall to hear John Tierney's latest blast at the war on some drugs. Tierney takes on the drug czar's latest meddling in the citizen iniatives out West, noting the GOP is going to lose the "sinner's vote" with their shameless, hamhanded propagandizing against the measures. But here's the money quote.
They're especially prevalent in the West, where half a dozen states have legalized medical marijuana. When Californians approved one of the first medical marijuana laws, in 1996, drug warriors were so convinced it would lead to a catastrophic spike in illegal use by teenagers that they sponsored a study to document the damage. But there was no catastrophe: after the law, marijuana use by teenagers actually declined in California.
You won't hear John Walters mention that study. The ONDCP just fires the researchers that come up with studies that don't reinforce their lies and then ignores the statistical evidence that disproves their propaganda. But as Tierney points out, the really good news is that this time, the feds' unconstitutional meddling in state affairs is likely to backfire on a larger scale. Westerners are an independent lot that don't take kindly to federal interference. They're likely to vote for the measures and vote against the GOP altogether. Let's hope he's right.

Not that the Dems record on the WOsD is any better, but at least with them, there's a chance they might listen to reason.


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