Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feds addicted to persecuting medical marijuana advocates

In the outrage of the week, medical marijuana champion Ed Rosenthal has been indicted on new charges in apparent retribution for having beat the government's previous "fixed" case against him.
It accuses Mr. Rosenthal, 61, of 14 felony charges that include cultivating marijuana plants; laundering $1,850, which the government says he got from selling the plants to medical dispensaries; and tax evasion. His tax returns, prosecutors said, omitted income from the sale of the plants.

Reached Friday at his home in Oakland, Mr. Rosenthal said he thought the efforts to prosecute him were part of a campaign to shutter medical marijuana sites in California and to subvert the state law allowing them.

“They want to shut me up,” he said. “They are vindictive. They don’t like anybody beating them, and they will go after you again and again until they wear you down.”
Shouldn't these agents be out there looking for those terrorists who "hate our freedom" instead of harassing harmless pot smokers who are merely trying to exercise theirs?


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