Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dear Senator Hatch...

A couple of months ago a well connected music producer was busted in Dubai and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in jail for possession of a small bag of cocaine. Republican Senator Orrin Hatch immediately intervened and was able to win the release of the man. His office released this statement at the time, supporting Hatch's actions.
A spokesman for Mr. Hatch said that the senator was a proponent of rehabilitation for drug offenders, and that he had worked to revise federal sentencing guidelines regarding cocaine, and, through legislation in 2005, had advocated treatment for nonviolent offenders and the easing of restrictions on medication to treat heroin addiction.

In the statement Mr. Hatch said he was "confident that this talented young man will learn from this experience."
Well, it's time for Sen. Hatch to walk that talk. Another American citizen has just been arrested in Dubai for possessing 0.14 grams of marijuana and has been sentenced to 4 years in jail. You practically need a magnifying glass to see that small an amount of marijuana.

The defendant claims he didn't even know he had it, which seems credible since it's not enough pot for even one hit and certainly wouldn't get you high. Why would he take a chance on being busted for so little? They must have scraped it off his luggage. Surely this is an even more egregious sentence than the one meted out to our cocaine carrying music producer.

Please join us in asking Sen Hatch extend his well founded concern to all American citizens and to intervene in this case as well. I feel certain this "talented young man" has also learned from this experience and will purchase new luggage the next time he travels to the Middle East.


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