Saturday, October 07, 2006

True story

I don't talk about my other blogs much. mostly because I don't want my right wing readers to read them and hate me, but I got this comment from Lester, a long time reader over there. I'm not sure it's true, it might be Lester's sense of humor. His wit is as unscrutable as mine, but either way, I thought it was hilarious.
whoah. I was looking for porn and got sent here via your "shapely ass" remark. small world

note: my word for verification "zemuckta"!
The word verification thing is such a drag. I had to install it because I was overrun with spam comments and I have it use it myself to reply to my commenters. Total PITA. It's usually a string of almost impossible to read random letters, but "zemuckta"!?

What a word. I love it. It almost makes it worth having the cursed feature. It sounds like Yiddish for - "you see what happens when you look for smut?"


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