Friday, October 06, 2006

Still waters run deep

John and I have such an unlikely friendship. While we share a common historical reference, being of the same age, we couldn't be more different in many ways. He's a morning person. I get pissy if he calls me before noon. He's punctual. I'm always late. He's reliable. I'm flighty. But our biggest difference is in our attitude towards life.

I'm a go with the flow kind of gal. I measure time by seasons, not hours or days or even months. He has a sense of urgency that I just don't possess. There's a good reason for it and I hestitate to share it, but it so informs our relationship that I almost have finally to say it out loud, in order to work it out in my own head. John is in stage four cancer and gets poisoned once a week with chemo but you could never tell to look at him. He is the healthiest person I know.

It's so ironic, while I'm lying on my couch playing Camille, popping tranqs and wallowing in my hypochondria, he's out paddling in his kayak for miles. He sent me these pictures from his last outing. He didn't say, but I think he went out with his ex-girlfriend. The clue was when he said, "the person I was with" instead of mentioning a name I wouldn't recognize anyway.

Not that I mind. I'm glad he has someone to hang out with since I'm hopelessly unavailable most of the time. Besides, I'm not the jealous kind. Good thing, since it looks like they stayed out until really late.

She's a good photographer, don't you think?


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