Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quick hits

Mayor in Iowa busted for dealing pot. It's like I always say, chances are someone you least expect smokes pot.

Hometown kids show some good sense in this editorial promoting legalization of marijuana at the UNC student newspaper, The Tarheel.

An 80-year-old man convicted of dealing crack cocaine was paroled Thursday after spending three nights in jail. I don't think he was using it though. It appears his addiction is to sex.
Felix Cocco, a World War II veteran from Pittsburgh, sold crack cocaine from his house and gave some of the drugs to prostitutes in exchange for sex, his lawyer said. [...]

Police said Cocco had been dealing drugs for nearly a year when he was arrested in November, and was caught dealing again in February. Officers said they seized crack cocaine, a digital scale and packaging materials.

Bailor told the court her client wanted to remain sexually active after his wife died three years ago and he turned to prostitutes.
I don't condone using crack but you got to give the old boy some credit for figuring out how to finance his love life.


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