Saturday, October 14, 2006

The victims of prohibition

I didn't blog about this last week because the NY cop that was busted only stole under a couple of hundred thousands from drug dealers. Amazingly, in the world of drug war corruption, that's kind of small potatoes. But arising out of that bust, this cop pled to stealing about $800,000 over the last few years. Math is not my strong suit but's that's almost a million isn't it, and that's just from two cops. As many as ten are implicated in this "drug ring."

Even more galling is this cop got off with a seven year sentence, as opposed to the lifetime mandatory called for, because the prosecutor spoke in his favor. He'll be out in three probably and gets to keep his police pension. Three other cops got even lighter sentences. The drug dealers they might have busted if they weren't stealing their money instead, would no doubt be in jail for much longer and they don't get pensions.

As always, I remind you, if drugs were legal, none of this would have happened.


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