Friday, October 13, 2006

Fly like an eagle

I swear there's an eagle following me. The last two times I walked in John's neighborhood, I saw a big bird but I just got a glimpse both times. Today on the way home, there was a eagle in somebody's front yard, eating something I couldn't see. I almost got in an accident trying to get a photo.

I pulled over and watched it for a second. It was just sitting there, waiting. I turned around to get a shot.

It's a kind of busy road at commute time and while I was fooling with the camera as I'm driving back down the road, a couple of cars came up behind me. I didn't see them until the idiot beeped the horn and scared the bird into the trees. But I saw it fly up and I swear it was an eagle. It was too big for a hawk and it didn't have the right head or tail for a wild turkey. I should have walked back. It wasn't that far.

I hope I get another chance. It sure was an impressive bird.


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