Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My new house?

John and I went for a nice walk in town this afternoon. I wanted to check out a house I saw for rent and see how long it took to walk to it from the center. It was a pleasant route and not too long a walk. I kind of loved the place from the outside. And I adored the hood. Just my style -- funk and junk. The photo is of a neighbor's house and while there weren't any others with such gloriously tacky Halloween decorations, it kind of captures the flavor of the neighborhood.

Around the corner, there was a sweet little home with beautiful flower beds and the yard was decorated with about a dozen bowling balls pretending to be glass globes. They were every color and on every kind of stand from a concrete pillar to a flowerpot. Unfortunately I couldn't get a shot because the place was surrounded by a chain link fence.

The house is much too expensive for the size and location and judging by the amount of junk in the carport, the owner may be, shall we say, eccentric or cranky or both. But I think I'm going to call tomorrow anyway. If he would take less for the place, I'd rent it if the inside wasn't horrible. It might depend on how often he cleaned that gigantic birdcage in the window...


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