Monday, September 18, 2006

Shady dealings in DC

This is urgent folks. Congress is about to pull a fast one and bring a new atrocious piece of legislation directly onto to the floor in order to help out an incumbent in Kentucky who needs to show the folks at home he's done something to earn his salary. It's a bad news bill.

The "Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006" would allow school officials to search dozens or even hundreds of students based on the mere suspicion that one student brought drugs to school. This is the sort of reasoning that led to the terrorizing of dozens of teenagers in Goose Creek. Dare Generation has the details and a video from Goose Creek so you can see for yourself what we're trying to prevent from happening here.

Everyone has a stake in this. You can't prevent teenage drug abuse with these searches and as I've said many times, teenagers that are treated with such disrespect for their civil rights do not grow up to respect the rule of law. If you want to foster a civil society for your own families and truly protect our youth, take action here. It only takes a minute. Do it for the children.


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