Friday, September 15, 2006

Addiction Unfiltered

I've known Preston Peet, editor of and contributing editor to and High TImes, in the cybersense for many years now and I don't think I've ever met a person more honest about his drug consumption and the effects it's had on his life, both good and bad. Not to mention he's probably taken every drug known to man and a few no one else has ever heard of.

His autobiographical novel, Something In The Way, is finally available in print and at under $15.00 is a bargain too good to be passed up. It's even less expensive if you opt for the downloadable electronic version.
Legal and non-legal hard and soft drugs, blood, violence, occasional peace, prostitution, pain, incessently dodging the Law, an addict toils harder than most Nine to Fivers. Twenty-four hours a day, the need to stay well takes precedence. In this book you take the trip to its deepest, darkest, most graphic depths. Every word is true, every line lived completely. No punches are pulled in this tale, told exactly how it was for for one person strung out on the streets for a number of years. So prepare for a wild, harrowing, biting and sometimes humourous no-holds-barred ride into and out of the depths of hell. This is the story of one young man who found himself living a life of misadventure, from Atlanta to London, Amsterdam to New York City, on the streets, in squats, in stately manor homes, seedy and not-so-seedy hotels, sofa surfing, all the while playing his guitar, selling real and fake drugs, and whatever else he could do to collect the money for every fix, every single day.
I've seen some advance chapters and it's a riveting story of a man who relishes every moment and makes no apology for living life on his own terms. I can't wait for my own copy to arrive.


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