Monday, September 11, 2006

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture....

Sit down for this one folks. I cooked a real food item yesterday and I'm not talking ramen noodles here. John has taken me out for food several times and never lets me take a turn at picking up the tab, so I made black bean chili from scratch for dinner last night and it came out better than merely edible. Not only that I unpacked two more forks and two bowls so we could eat on real china instead of paper plates. I was halfway through mine when I realized I had forgotten to document this auspicious occassion with a photo. And I had presented the food so well with the green and red hot sauce artfully drizzled across the top...

Not only that but I managed to free myself up in time to go for a long walk before dinner. I have to be more careful. John is beginning to think I'm actually kind of a normal person. If he starts telling other people, my reputation as an eccentric will be ruined.


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