Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey, the world needs Old Maids too...

Well I'm in a funk today. I really would have loved to be in Helen right now attending the gathering of miscreants SE Writer's Conference, but I'm moping around the house feeling sorry for myself instead. Truth is, I ended up having today and tomorrow off and could have conceivably spent a whole day's worth of driving to have one night of thrilling drunken debauchery, but my party chops aren't what they used to be and I have to be fully functional on Monday. So here I am cataloging my myriad faults instead.

Ten reasons I make a terrible girlfriend

I never call when I say I will.

I'll refuse to go out because I don't feel like wearing a bra.

I cancel 80% of my dates because sometimes I just want to be alone.

I'm late for dates I do show up for, because I get caught up in blogging.

I'm basically unavailable for half of any given month.

After failing at three major relationships, I have commitment issues.

After all these years of living alone I'm set in my ways.

I can be really stubborn.

I don't love cooking.

When my sinuses go, I snore like a chain saw.
Somehow I think if my ex's read this blog, they could add to that list.... Oh well, if it was easy to become an Old Maid, everybody would be doing it.


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